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20.05.2024 Whit monday

Discreet ordering, packing & shipping.

Same day dispatch if ordered before 11 a.m. (C.E.T.). Otherwise within 24h.
Shipping within the EU at the following conditions. (Delivery outside Europe see below)
Ordered and paid for products are shipped directly the same or the next working day with the following shipping methods :

In stock ?

Product is not in stock/available? Please ask us !


  • Other delivery address?: please click the box "Other Delivery address" when checking out

Choice of carrier-speed-price:

Shipments outside Europe towards the UK only are partially suspended due to the decision of the UK government.
As a company we are very sorry to tell you that customs costs are at least double - than compared to shipping/custom costs towards the US.
This is not our decision and we are very sorry you, customers and patients of the UK do have to pay more to obtain products from the E.U.

You are entitled to chose your shipping method depending on your personal wishes (speed, anonimity, price ...)
  • Recorded signed for delivery : with postal services
  • Carrier : upon signature on delivery
  • Shipping time : 1-3 working days for deliveries in Europe
    • Ireland: 3 working days delivery time-updated 6/3/2022 (carrier DPD)
      Blessington W91KV65 3 working days delivery time-updated 9/3/2022 (carrier DPD)
  • Outside Europe : delivery mostly with postal services (recorded signed for, parcel)
    • USA latest shipping speed towards USA: delivery after 4 working days (14/4/2023)
      Customs delay can cause problems as USPS has to wait in the USA for customs to give the parcels free.
      As our company is known since 2005 for cross border selling with the US authorities, customs can still withold parcels for inspection.
      This can happen if the delivery address is under surveillance or at random.
      Customs do not-never give any reason for a delay
      Islands: Honolulu: if your order is below 0,350kg we are able to ship it as a normal letter, no tracking, slower delivery
    • Canada: 3 working days H3W2C7 Montreal-(updated 8/9/2023)- attention to delays in Canada due to customs
    • Thailand latest shipping time towards Thailand: arrived on the 6th working day after departure (8 calendar days total)
    • Honolulu latest shipping time towards Honolulu: arrived on the 7th working day after departure (10 calendar days total)-updated 5/5/2022
    • UK United Kingdom: -SUSPENDED since 1/1/2021 solely due to decision of the UK government to overcharge necessary essential medical products with excessive handling-, VAT- and customs, comptability-and administrative costs. we sincerely apologize. Delivery time 2 working days - update 12/2019 (shipped friday-arrival monday).
      Let us know if we can ship inside the EU to serve you better!

Shipping costs

The delivery cost takes into account the monthly adjustment of fuel surcharges of the carriers.
  • Canada
    • Reducing shipping cost ? If you order multiple items check first with us the actual weight (if we can leave out unnecessary emballage, this would reduce the weight, so less transport cost !!!
    • Delivery "letter format" slow delivery with postal service
      • Weight 0-0,100 kg: 15,60 C$ - 11,95€
      • Weight 0,101-0,350 kg: 22,13 C$ - 16,95€
    • Delivery Parcel format" Business quicker delivery
      • Weight 0-0,250 kg: 35,18 C$ - 26,95€
      • Weight 0,251-0,500 kg: 36,48 C$ - 28,95€
      • Weight 0,501-0,750 kg: 37,13 C$ - 29,95€
      • Weight 0,751-1 kg: 38,44 C$ - 30,95€
      • Weight 1,001-1,250 kg: 39,09 C$ - 31,95€
      • Weight 1,251-1,500 kg: 40,40 C$ - 32,95€
      • Weight 1,501-1,750 kg: 41,05 C$ - 33,95€
      • Weight 1,751-2 kg: 41,71 C$ - 34,95€
  • Ireland
      Carrier DPD delivery time: 3-4 working days.
      • Parcelshop DPD 0-3kg: 8,95€
      • Parcelshop 3-10kg: 9,95€
      • Parcelshop 10-20kg: 11,95€
      • Delivery at home 0-20kg: 14,95€
  • USA-United States
    • Delivery "letter format" slow delivery with postal service
      • Weight 0-0,100 kg: 11,84 US$ - 11,95€
      • Weight 0,101-0,350 kg: 16,79 US$ - 16,95€
    • Carrier Bpack world business home & business delivery time: 4-6 working days-except slower handling at customs.
      Incl. fuel surcharge applied 11,51% (period 6/2023).
      • 0-0,250 kg: 15,48 US$ (14,06€)
      • 0,251-0,500 kg: 17,60 US$ (15,99€)
      • 0,501-0,750 kg: 16,88 US$ (16,37€)
      • 0,751-1 kg: 18,00 US$ (17,59€)
      • 1,001-1,250 kg: 20,05 US$ (19,59€)
      • 1,251-1,5 kg: 22,10 US$ (21,59€)
      • Slow postal delivery at home 0-0,350kg: 15,03 US$ (14,95€)
  • Other countries see at checkout

Import duties (for export outside the European Union

For private customers: if goods are exported outside the European Union, import duties may apply. Often orthopedic products are excempted from import duties. An international accepted TARIC code of the goods are communicated upon request for your convenience.
For certain countries there is also an excemption of import duties if the cost price of the goods (+ often the transport cost) is less than a certain amount. Please check eventually if this amount. In a lot of cases, our total cost is less than this amount.
United States: total amount free of duties varies from 28€ to sometimes 800€.
Canada: no import duties for medical goods (8/2022).
Other countries: duty free total amount starts often from 28€.
Do not hesitate to ask us first if you are not sure.
Do not hesitate to give us further accurate information.

You ordered, but you did not receive a message how to pay (bank, Paypal) or you did not get a confirmation afterwards?

Check your email:
  • Did you give the correct email-adress without spelling mistakes in it, if not the automatic confirmation email will be refused, send back and will leave you without any information (we only will get the order information)
  • Did you not receive the email in your spam ?
  • Does your email provider accept emails from third persons?
  • Please eventually use contact page OR accept our alternative email addresse with your email box : e b m b v b a @ h o t m a i l POINT c o m
  • Eventually we can try to send a whatsapp message (if you're connected)
  • Use OUR contact page to contact us for a question (not the Paypal contact page, which is only intended for serious problems

Is your order legally binding?

Belgomedical can legally refuse your order and/or eventually reimburse you. This is also the case where there is a suspicion of fraud.

Do not ask us a "question" on the Paypal site where you paid?

Paypal does not know a "question": Paypal says you should contact the seller first.
If you ask a question on the Paypal site, you will only be able to tell Paypal you "did not receive the goods" or similar?
The immediate reaction of Paypal is that Paypal blocks our account until the problem is solved.
This causes loss of time and extra costs for Belgomedical, which are no longer sustainable.
Please be so kind to limit loss of time and costs in asking (normal) questions on our 'Contact' formular.

Withdrawing from a contract

Return formular Belgomedical (PDF)


The customer's obligations
Before withdrawing, the customer can only check the goods like they would if they were in a shop, allowing them to confirm the item is what they ordered and wanted.
You may try on the products like in a fysical store, but you should not wear them.
If the customer has actually used the goods before sending them back, the seller (Belgomedical) can claim compensation for the diminished value resulting from their use.
Judiciary rule: customer's obligations-private purchase. Law.

Returns must be made free of charge to us.
If goods are returned from outside the E.U. goods must be returned free of customs or any other charge.
We are unable to except returns of bathroom aids, medical products and hygienic underwear due to hygiene issues and legal restrictions.
EU consumer laws forbid the return (and resale) of medical products that were used or worn.
Belgian consumer and health law forbids the resale of used medical products (as everywhere else in Europe).
There are no refurbished medical goods in contact with the human body that are allowed to be resold.
However, we accept, only if approved by us - and communicated in the confirmation email with a placed order, the return of goods under certain conditional circumstances depending of the nature of the sold product.
These conditions are very specific : the client must inform us the day of arrival that a mistake was made (in size ... ), if a product was defective upon arrival.
Returned merchandise must be returned in their original package, labels/tags attached within a determined time limit, products were only tried on, products/items unworn: were not worn, undamaged, salable, in the original packaging (as received).
In the case of a (partial) reimbursement, we are obliged to reimburse with the same payment method the client used for the purchase.
We will only reimburse 1 product in the case of a misplaced order or an exchange, as we recommend that you order the first time only 1 item to see if the size ik ok.
Once certain you can order more items afterwards.
This avoids unnecessary (high) transport costs from both sides.
When the package (around the product) seems to be opened, this is for quality reasons: we check before shipping each product personally to avoid possible defective parts.
Due to EU and Belgian (medical) laws, normally any claim (cancellation, refund, exchange) must be made within 14 days after reception of the goods.
In the case of a Belgomedical we accept in specific conditions cancellations or exchanges IF the goods are tried on the day of arrival, IF the customer tries the goods on in a hygienic way and warns us immediately of any problem.
The below consumer protection is for EU residents only, but we accept to use this coverage for worldwide conditions in the terms described aboven.

Return cost price

We strongly recommend the use of a return shipment with tracking possibility.
However you can at your risk send the goods back with a normal letter (use our package). The cost of return varies depending on country/weight.
Real examples:
  • U.S.A U.S.Postage 7,91 USD (update 1/2020)
  • Croatia: <0,250kg = 60HRK, 7,79€. < 0,5kg = 82HRK, 10,65€. < 1kg = 105HRK, 13,64€

Consumer protection EU legislation
In case of discussion, the Dutch general conditions of this website apply.