Prepayment is obligatory for all private persons or professionals.
Institutions (hospitals) can obtain an exception after preliminary approval.

Bank prepayments

  • Bank wiring: check out and choose payment by bank wiring
  • Via your bank you may opt (sometimes for free) to make a 'instant payment' wiring-payment. This is within the E.U. Our bank accepts instant payments

Bank information:
SEPA or IBAN Bank account number: BE02778591436640
For customers inside the European Union:
  • You should choose a payment abroad or a SEPA payment (within the E.U.)
  • BE= Belgium. All other signe are figures

SWIFT Code: GKCCBEBB (this is mostly asked for a bank wiring from outside the E.U..
Bank: Belfius
Bank account number : BE02778591436640.
E.B.Materials b.v. (or Evidence based materials b.v.)
Guido Gezellelaan 36/2
3550 Heusden-Zolder


Belgomedical Paypal logo Via Paypal you can pay with your normal credit card if accepted by Paypal.
Conditions: the address of the Paypal account/credit card must be the same as the delivery address you give us. If not, do not forget to mention it on the Paypal website when executing the payment (obligation of Paypal)

Scan a QR-code with your bank app?
Not all banks accept this European standard.
Scan this QR-code - fill in the correct amount (this way we make it safer) - eventually change date and pay.
Note: this payment is normally a 'normal' payment (not a instant payment) and will arrive on our bank account in 1 working day from within the E.U.)
QR code for your bank-app:


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