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S fakturou s DPH.

Smlouvu lze uzavřít v holandském jazyce, ledaže se výslovně dohodneme na jiném jazyce.-The contract and conditions are in Dutch language, unless agreed otherwise by us.

Změny a chyby vyloučeny.

Webshop also intended for private customers.
Products and information is to be used in conjunction with doctors care and does not substitute for medical advice.

This information does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code. Product pictures, product descriptions etc. published on this website are not an advertisement and

Discreet Purchases

are for informational purposes only. They do not replace consultation with a physician and cannot be the basis for the use of any medical devices, pharmaceuticals or forms of therapy. Any decisions in this regard should be consulted with your doctor.
We make every effort to ensure that the published technical data and products do not contain any omissions or errors and that the actual appearance of the products does not differ from the products presented in the photographs. In case of any mistakes in description or differences in presented products, please contact us.
Whether you're looking for a brace or any other product on this website, Belgomedical, a medical company offers you the best way to keep your shopping private.
Professional customers please contact us Professional contact

Ease of delivery

You can deliver at your home-address, or if you want at a different delivery address.

Online dispute resolution

European online dispute resolution center (*)
Belgium (*)
Reporting point (*) : in case you were not heard with your legitimate complaint(s) and you want to fill an official complaint.
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In all cases of dispute the law which is applied is that of Belgium, in Dutch language.

Vat refunds

All VAT refunds are possible if asked before ordering. Once payment has been made, an additional cost of 3% will be calculated, together with the additional Paypal cost due to payments made outside of Europe.
All orders will be shipped as paid. If any administration changes are asked after the payment of the sum, the cost for our administration costs (comptability) will be charged at a minimum of 12€ for each payment received. This is the charge we have to pay for the additional time spend by our external comptability company.
Attention, this is the charge that Paypal deducts on top of the Paypal costs made in Europe for European payments in Euro.

In all cases we will charge the minimum cost for both cases, with the minimum being the charge of the external comptability department and the extra fees charged by Paypal.
What to do? Always ask VAT exemption before sending goods to your country if your country is outside of Europe. This is an obligation to prevent unnecessary costs.
Medical advice
Liability exclsuion: the advice and information contained in this web site is not intended as a substitute for medical counseling. If you have any questions about treatment for a specific condition, please check also with a health care professional
These general conditions are ruled by the Belgian law.
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